Nash Matthews present IpDEAL - the system that puts you, the client, in control of your IP expenditure.

Put simply, IpDEAL is a fixed-cost patenting scheme. You can choose to fix costs for the initial filing, instead of our normal time-based charges.

The “Patent Box” tax regime, which came into effect in April 2013, has made obtaining a UK patent more attractive than ever for UK-based companies. It offers the chance to add significantly to your company’s profitability.

In view of the Patent Box, we are seeing an increase in demand for UK patents and to help keep things simple, we are launching IpDEAL. IpDEAL is aimed specifically at the UK patenting process. You can choose to pay on a fixed-cost basis, giving you certainty and control over your patenting budget.

IpDEAL gives you a fixed cost service, covering an initial meeting for us to learn about the invention, some preliminary searching of the “prior art” (if desired), preparation of a UK patent specification, and filing the application at the UK Intellectual Property Office with a search request, and paying the official fees. In addition, if you wish, we can offer fixed-cost services for further steps in the patenting process, such as assessing relevance of prior art and responding to examination reports, once these have been received.

If you tell us you are interested in using the IpDEAL system, our expert attorneys will review the case and calculate the fixed cost which will apply. We don’t think that “one size fits all”, so our fixed cost is tailored to each individual case.

Of course, there is no obligation to use our IpDEAL system – you can always choose to use our bespoke service, with charges based on time calculations.

IpDEAL - for certainty and control.

IpDEAL is a registered trade mark of Nash Matthews LLP