Safeguards for our clients

Nash Matthews LLP is a long-established firm with an enviable reputation. We are regulated by IPReg, which requires attorneys to have met exacting standards of competence to practise as an attorney and to undertake continuing professional development (“CPD”).

In the unlikely event that things do go wrong, it may be a comfort to know that our clients have certain safeguards.

1.         We are subject to IPReg’s Rules of Conduct. If you think we have breached the IPReg Rules of Conduct, you can make a complaint to IPReg.  Please note however that we have our own complaints procedure and, in the first instance, you should raise any grievance with us.    

2.         As part of the IPReg requirements, we hold professional indemnity insurance, so that our insurers can make good any financial loss you may have incurred if we have been negligent.  IPReg additionally has an insurance policy that may provide additional protection in the event of dishonesty or fraudulent use of client money.

3.         Finally, if you think you have suffered poor service and we are unable to satisfy you, clients who are individuals or micro enterprises (i.e. a business with fewer than 10 employees and turnover or assets not exceeding €2 million), may complain to the Legal Ombudsman.