Christopher-david Willett

Christopher-david Willett


Christopher graduated with a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham. After leaving university, he joined a multinational corporation in 1998 as a research scientist in detergent processing. He moved on to the corporate patent department in 2000 where he qualified in 2004. Christopher joined Nash Matthews in 2005 and became a partner in 2009.

Christopher is active in a full range of patent services, particularly in Europe. He acts for a broad range of clients including individuals, SMEs and multinational corporations, over a variety of technical disciplines, including chemical, medical, and mechanical engineering. 

Technical areas:

  • Chemical and process engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Medical technology 
  • Chemistry and chemical technology 
  • Aerodynamics



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Christopher-david Willett