We provide a wide range of intellectual property services.

We specialise in preparing and prosecuting applications for patent rights in the UK, Europe and throughout the world. As active Chartered UK Patent Attorneys and Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office we routinely act to successfully obtain and defend these rights. We also specialise in obtaining Trade Mark registrations in the UK, Europe and throughout the world to protect your brand identity.

If your European patent is opposed by a third party then we can act to defend such an action. Likewise if you desire to oppose a third party patent we can build a case together and work to revoke an invalid patent. 

We also have a burgeoning patent litigation service, which enables us to provide litigation services primarily aimed at small and medium enterprises whilst keeping costs under control.

In addition we provide services such as advising on infringement and validity of third party patent, trade mark and design rights. We handle transfers of ownership and can prepare assignments and licences to effect these transfers. Our services also include due diligence, preparing reports for public listings and providing specialist advice on patent term extension (or Supplementary Protection Certificates) for medicinal or agrochemical products.